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EPDM and other elastomers

Cross-linked EPDM is a durable elastomer that is used in a variety of applications requiring better light, heat and ozone resistance compared to other unsaturated rubbers. Arkema provides a wide range of Luperox®, Retic®, Vul-Cup®, Di-Cup® Bis-peroxide and DCP formulations that are can be extruded or injection molded the elastomer to achieve crosslinked rubber products.

Silicone rubber

Silicone rubber is a non-reactive stable material that is used in extreme temperature conditions while still maintaining its chemical and physical properties. Arkema offers organic peroxides that are formulated to crosslink a variety of low and high durometer silicones in food grade or industrial applications. Each grade has a very fine particle size to mix easily.

Wire & Cables

Arkema organic peroxides used as a cross-linking agent in semiconductor-layers of medium to high voltage cables. Organic peroxides can also be used as cross-linking agent for Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) and Ethylene Propylene diene monomer (EPDM) to improve mechanical performance, chemical resistance and electrical properties. CPE and EPDM are used in low voltage cable jacket layers, especially for home appliances that require very low odor level.


Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes made Luperox® peroxide cross-linking have high creep and thermal shock resistance. PEX pipes are widely used in home water-supply and other plumbing applications.


Luperox® and Vul-Cup® organic peroxides are used in shoe soles made from EVA foaming to create a cross-linking net for improved mechanical strength. The applications include sports shoes, slippers and sandals, especially for kids. Compared with dicumyl peroxide, Luperox® F/ Vul-Cup® R is odorless.