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Luperox® 270 is a 97% technically pure tert-butyl peroxy-3,5,5-trimethylhexanoate.
#CAS 13122-18-4
Product overview
Luperox® 270 polymer initiator is a peroxyester typically used for polymerization of ethylene to make LDPE or solution polymerization of acrylic monomers. Luperox® 270 is applicable in the temperature range 190°C to 250°C for ethylene polymerization. As a substitute for tert-butyl peroxybenzoate, Luperox® 270 is non-aromatic and gives similar reactivity without formation of benzene on decomposition. This is also true in the polymerization of acrylics, where the polymerization temperatures are normally 130°C to 135°C
Geographic availability
Product Group (Range) AMBIENT PERESTERS
Appearance Colorless to slightly yellow liquid