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Luperox® A75 is a 75% wet powder of dibenzoyl peroxide with water as phlegmatiser.
#CAS 94-36-0
Product overview
Luperox® A75 benzoyl peroxide is a free flowing powder of 75% active weight. Absorbed water improves safety during handling in a wide range of applications. With unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, or acrylic resins, Luperox® A75 powder can be used for room-temperature or elevated temperature curing. For polystyrene synthesis in, Luperox® A75 should be used in combination with Luperox® TAEC, Luperox® TBEC, Luperox® 331M80, or Luperox® 231 for reduction of residual monomer and increases in conversion rates
Geographic availability
Product Group (Range) BPO POWDER AND PASTE
Appearance Powder