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LDPE & EVA copolymer

Arkema provides a wide range of Luperox® initiators for polymerization of ethylene and copolymers. Organic peroxides are used for free radical polymerization of ethylene and co-polymerization of ethylene and EVA via tube reactor process or autoclave process.

  • Luperox 26 Low Water
  • Luperox 11M75 Low Water
  • Luperox 270HP
  • Luperox P
  • Luperox DI

Initiators for PVC production

Luperox® organic peroxides are as single initiators or a combination of initiators to boost productivity of suspension or emulsion polymerization of vinyl chloride. Arkema also provides Luperstop® and TermNator® shortstoppers to enhance resin color & color and add control to the polymerization reaction.

  • Luperox 223EN60H
  • Luperox 188M75
  • Luperox 223M75
  • Luperox 610EN50
  • Luperox 11M75

Polypropylene modification

Luperox® organic peroxides are widely used to make controlled rheology polypropylene (CR-PP) and grafting maelic anhydride onto PP. Organic peroxides are also used to control and homogenize the melt flow index (MFI) of recycled PP made by extrusion process.

  • Luperox 101
  • Luperox 101PP20
  • Luperox 101PP7.5
  • Luperox F40ED
  • Luperox F20ED


Arkema offers a wide range of organic peroxides that are used in the free radical polymerization of styrene and its derivates in mass and suspension polymerization processes. Luperox® organic peroxides facilitate high molecular weight formation in a shorter time compared to the thermal processes thus improving productivity.

  • Luperox A75
  • Luperox TBEC
  • Luperox TAEC
  • Luperox JWEB50

PMMA / (Meth) Acrylates

Organic peroxides are used for the bulk and solution polymerization to make PMMA which is widely used in automotive and construction industry. Acrylic resins provide excellent transparency, durability and resistance which are suitable for coatings, adhesives and many other applications.

  • Luperox LP
  • Luperox 26
  • Luperox 531M60


Organic peroxides are used for the solution polymerization of acrylic resins. Arkema offers a variety of Luperox® solutions for solvent-borne and water-borne resin synthesis.

  • Luperox 26
  • Luperox P
  • Luperox DTA
  • Luperox DI
  • Luperox 575


Polyols are an important raw material or the manufacturing of polyurethane foams. Luperox® organic peroxides are used to make graft copolymer polyols via radical polymerization.

  • Luperox 575

Fluoropolymer Initiators

Fluoropolymers are used in highly specialized applications requiring high thermal stability and chemical resistance. Organic peroxides are used for the emulsion polymerization of fluoro-ethylenes.

  • Luperox 221